Web Design Software: In need of: "Simple updater" and "File viewer"

started by Robb Lower on Sep 9, 2009 — RSS Feed

Robb Lower Robb Lower
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I am running a local boy scout website but I have very little time. I need one of the scouts to be able to simply update a few things on the page without having any website knowledge.

I'm looking for a simple script that will function almost like a forum. A little box with a "submit/update" button, where the scout types in his information and the script automatically formats it and puts it on the page for him. It could be simple to find something like this but I cannot think of what these are called. Maybe something as simple as one form that says "date" which he types the date in, then another form for "activity" in which he puts the event information, then hits "submit," then on the main page of the site in a specified spot, that information is placed.

Another thing I am wanting is a somewhat fancy "file viewer," not the ugly white/blue list you see if you just upload a bunch of files to an FTP folder that has no index. But something that will list, nicely, the files you've placed in a folder with a link to download it. This would be for the newsletter PDF so all they would have to do is upload the file to the folder, and then the website would automatically list it.

These things would greatly assist my scout troop (and myself), for the website is a project that they will rely on heavily in the future! Thank you very much.


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