Web Design Software: Need Help! Dmwvr site looks wrong in Firefox!

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Laura Hughes Laura Hughes
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I just posted a site to: [url]http://www2.autodraft.com

This webpage created in Dreamweaver CS3 looks perfect in Explorer, but the layout is all over the place in Forefox. I was previewing it initially in both Explorer and Firefox, and somewhere along the way less in Firefox, so I'm not sure where/when I went wrong with my template.

I think maybe there could be an issue with my container div, as it doesn't seem to be showing up in Firefox. And my header div in Dreamweaver seems to be enclosing where the container div is supposed to be. Or perhaps it's the drop-down menu? I really don't know. I am really at a loss as to how to proceed. This is the first site I've made in Dreamweaver. I was fooled to think everything was fine because it looked good in IExplorer.

I would be sooooo grateful for any suggestions!!!!

Laura Hughes

BTW - coincidentally, this "start new thread" page on this website doesn't appear properly in my IExplorer, the "Start This Thread" button at the bottom didn't show up so I re-logged in using Firefox, and now it's fine. Hmmmm.

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