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The Easy Installer from Joomlatag is a “Point and Click” component that allows you to install and manage add-ons and templates on your Joomla sites. It comes with over 4000 thousand add-ons and templates.
The Easy Installer takes the pain out of installing Joomla add-ons. Gone are the days of searching the internet for Joomla add-ons and templates and the hassle of registering on every site before you can download and install components. It is simple to use that even a child can now install and manage Joomla components.
• You will get access to thousands of Joomla components, modules, plug-ins and templates.
• Searching the database will provide you with a list of all components, modules and plug-ins for your particular search result. This way, you can install add-ons with more than one component and module.
• All add-ons are fully tested and verified to work on Joomla 1.5
• The available add-ons are constantly updated to provide you with the current and stable versions.
• See which add-ons and templates are installed on your server and use Joomlatag to manage them.
• Easily uninstall older add-ons and install the newer versions.
• You can easily install the most used Joomla add-ons by selecting on recommended add-ons. This will provide you a list of our recommendations which you can then choose to install.
• It comes with a lifetime continuous upgrade and update of all available Joomla components, modules, plug-ins and templates.
Site: [ur1]www.joomlatag.com[/ur1]
Demo: [ur2]www.joomlatag.com[/ur2]
Download: [ur3]www.joomlatag.com[/ur3]
Email address: [ur4]info@joomlatag.com[/ur4]

Version: Light free to download.
Full Version is Commercial

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