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Dzyngrrrl Dzyngrrrl
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anyone know of an easy way to apply rounded corners to an image in Photoshop? I checked the help but found nothing; I also checked the tutorial in photoshopcafe.com but that did NOT make sense (it said to use the gaussian blur...which only made things blurry...as one would expect). Any advice on this would be GREATLY appreciated.

Joe Gillespie Joe Gillespie
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Pull down two horizontal guidelines to the top and bottom of the required crop. Pull out left and right guidelines too.

Now make another set of guidelines inside those that are equidistant from the outer ones - say 20 pixels.

Use the pen tool to draw a path. Start at the top left where the solid anchor is, drag out 20 px to the left. Now, click at the next point to complete the quarter circle.

Go down to the next point, click and drag downwards 20px and click on the next point without dragging.

Do this the whole way round.

You will end up with a round corner rectangle path.

With the path selected in the Path palette, choose Make Selection... in the Path palette menu (accessible from the little arrow in the corner).

Now, you have a selection the shape you want. If you want a white background round your image, inverse the selection (Select: Inverse) and fill with white.


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