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Joe Gillespie Joe Gillespie
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Hello, Joe, hello everybody!

Well...I had problems with my mail. I tried to send you a mail to the usual address and it came back three times.
Perhaps other members of the forum find this mail intesting, too.

Here it is my mail (march 26th)

Hello Joe!
I've been doing my "homework" along these months, reading your articles on WPDFD.
So, I've been studying, learning, and testing a lot with CSS, learning from every article I could find on the internet.
So it's time to show you my own site.
Well, on

I publish the translations of the editorials I told you on the last mail (a long time ago).  

On PsicoFXP was very difficult to do it because the main layout (which is generated using php) has an orange background that I can't (and wasn't allow to) modify. And the whole article lose it's meaning if the images of the tipography vanishes on an orange background.
So, I bought (¿? or rent, well, I don't know..) some space on a webhosting company, for my own portfolio.
There, I set a special section about articles and wrintings and there, I included the "Type on Screen" translations.
I added a couple of articles of my own: one about web desging and the source
code ("Diseño Web y Estándares: Volver a la fuente" ; and other one about "3D: how to start" or something like that  
Now,  It's  done, I guess... Only a couple of links to validate the code (those ones point to the files I validate last week, so I have to check it out again to be sure).
I'm happy, and proud of it because it looks fine in IE6 and Firefox, perhaps I'll have to do some adjustments on the css files, but not today!
I hope you like it. Here's the link again:


Well, my best wishes.. and a big big thank you, for your articles Joe, they are great! Really! If this mail comes back again, I'll post it on the forums... haha!  


PS: I retouched a bit your .css file, to include the entire navigation (a couple of  horizontal unordered lists, one of them, with the Pixy's Rollovers technique) at the bottom of the articles' translations. Hope you don't mind.

That's all. I've been thinking about some adjustmets I like to do. Specially on the graphics of the index page, to make them smoother.

Again: my regards!!!

Carina Kornoswki /Polaca on the forums.  

Joe Gillespie Joe Gillespie
Posts: 528

Carina, mail to my usual adress only gets through if the sender is whitelisted, anyway, you are doing a good job there and thank you for translating my text into Spanish. Unfortunately, my Spanish isn't too good so I can't read very much of your own site but it looks very professional. Have you sent me a link for the resources section?

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