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Mpj Mpj
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A quick update about the "Eric Meyer on CSS" book review in Sept WPDFD.

Amazon lists the above title as being published in 2002:

Product Details:
# Paperback 350 pages (July 2002)
# Publisher: New Riders
# ISBN: 073571245X

Aparently there is now a second book, "More Eric Meyer on CSS", Amazon.co.uk details:

Product Details:
# Paperback 320 pages (June 2004)
# Publisher: New Riders
# ISBN: 0735714258

Just thought this might be of interest to anyone considering purchasing the original ....

Has anyone read the second book? Is it good?

Fishgal Fishgal
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I was just reading the reviews and i went to my local book store to check out the Eric Meyer on CSS book it looks great!  Except for the price  

But great news i went to froogle and found out you can get it for $25.99 plus $1.40 shipping from overstock.com.  This goes for both this book and the sequel mentioned in the first post.

Thought i would pass this along in case anyone like i was out there who liked the review and book but not the $45 price tag.  


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