WPDFD Articles: Buttons over images (Nov 2004)

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Aussieboykie Aussieboykie
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I read the November article by Joe Gillespie on composite roll-over graphic images with great interest. The buttons look superb and are a testament to the technique used to create them..

"Their backgrounds are transparent and the 3D effects are produced by appropriately coloured single pixel lines for highlights and shadows."

I examined a couple of the buttons in detail using Paint Shop Pro. So simple and so effective! I'm very keen to produce my own buttons using the same methodology but as someone who is not blessed with any artistic talent it could take me the best part of a lifetime to generate a base working set of upper/lower case letters, numbers, and symbols. I'm wondering aloud if there is somewhere I could go to find what I'm after?

Regards, AB

Joe Gillespie Joe Gillespie
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If you are talking about the pixel fonts, you can get some free sample ones at http://www.minifonts.com BUT they are not going to work in PaintShop Pro. PaintShop Pro is unique in its inability to set type in pixels instead of printer points. Any other graphics package will do it easily but if you must use PSP, there are instructions for workarounds on the site's help pages.

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