WPDFD Articles: CSS Menu Not Working on Mac

started by Rubberneck on Oct 29, 2004 — RSS Feed

Rubberneck Rubberneck
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It appears that some people have been able to get the CSS dropdown menu to work on a Mac, however it does not work on mine.  Before anyone goes crazy telling me I'm using outdated software, I've tried Safari 1.23, FireFox 1.0, IE 5.2, and Mozilla 1.6.  

Any ideas?  Did some coding recently change in the lesson that might have made it stop working on the Mac's?

Thanks in advance,

Baxter Baxter
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There's absolutely no issue with getting them to work on Macs, although IE 5 can be a nightmare.

SO... first, have you validated?
Second, give us a link or something.

WIth nothing to go on, my guess is you've got some snippet of javascript that's not playing nice with the DOM.

Rubberneck Rubberneck
Posts: 2

Thanks.  Figured it out.  I was just being dumb.

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