WPDFD Articles: Setting up the web server on a Mac

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Masa Masa
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Thanks for these very straightforward, concise instructions!

While it only took me a cpouple of minutes to create the symbolic link I have run into a problem:

I use PHP includes on my sites a lot. The links in these includes are root-relative (starting with a slash). Unfortunately they don't work although PHP is enabled. The links get truncated, instead of ...


I get ...


How can I fix that?
Any help is very much appreciated  

Cheers   Martin

Joe Gillespie Joe Gillespie
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This all depends on your site structure.

If you computer is called 'mycomputer', then the path sould be


that is provided that you have created the symbolic link inside the Documents folder to the folder 'mysite' and not to a file inside it.

If that doesn't work, try temporarily renaming Documents to xDocuments (or whatever) and physically move the mysite folder into the Webserver folder and name it Documents. That should bring everything back into sync. If that works (and I can't test it here) put everything back the way it was and create the symbolic link in the Webserver folder instead of inside the Documents folder.

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