WPDFD Issue #1 - April 01, 1998


Hi, I'm Joe Gillespie and I am a graphic designer working in London UK. The purpose of my Web Page Design for Designers site is not to teach people how to produce web pages. There is little mention of HTML or any other technical stuff except where necessary. It is assumed that the reader already has a grasp of HTML programming, or has made the decision to use a WYSIWYG Web page editor.

Design and Function

From feedback I get in emails and in the survey forms, this site is being read by a much wider audience than I had originally anticipated. With the fundamentals out of the way, many more people are now concerned with how their sites look and function, and that is what I hope to address. Design is not a luxury item. It is essential to good communications regardless of whether it is on a printed page, a web page or a television screen.

Macromedia's latest web design offering is now in public beta stage and I was at the front of the line to download it in eager anticipation. Fireworks is a single program, for Mac or PC, that combines the features normally associated with a whole load of other separate graphics programs used for producing web graphics. Along with the mandatory text and image editing facilities, Fireworks integrates vector drawing, GIF animation, ready to roll JavaScript mouseover actions and a host of other goodies.