by Joe Gillespie — Apr 1, 1998
Joe Gillespie

Hi, I'm Joe Gillespie and I am a graphic designer working in London UK.

The purpose of my Web Page Design for Designers site is not to teach people how to produce web pages. There is little mention of HTML or any other technical stuff except where necessary.

It is assumed that the reader already has a grasp of HTML programming, or has made the decision to use a WYSIWYG Web page editor.

It is aimed at people who are already involved with design and typography for conventional print and want to explore the possibilities of this new electronic medium.

They are probably already using page layout tools like QuarkXPress, Photoshop, Freehand and Illustrator and have discovered that designing web pages is something quite different.

When I started this site in August 1996, it was with the intention of helping other graphic designers make the transition from print to web design as I did.

At that time, I had no idea that it would become so popular with such a broad base of readers. In the first year, WPDFD had almost a quarter of a million visits and is now recommended or required reading in many colleges, universities, government departments and businesses throughout the world.

Needless to say, I get an enormous amount of email on the subject, some which I can answer and some which I can't, due to lack of time, or because I just don't have the answer.

If you do write to me and don't get an answer, don't take it personally. I do what I can, but there is a physical limit!

I don't intend to broaden the scope of the site too much, there are plenty of other web sites that handle HTML, JavaScript and such things, and many are linked to in the resources section. I will, however, mention them where they are relevant to design, interface and navigation.

I have also written design and marketing related articles for a number of online e-zines.

A little about my background, if you are interested.

I studied graphic design, typography and visual communications for seven years to earn my masters degree from the Royal College of Art in London and went into the world of advertising. I tried my hand at press, posters, television and new product development and eventually specialised in brand identity development.

In parallel with my advertising career, I was attracted to the magic of 'computing' and started my own little company, Pixel Productions in the early '80s, initially writing computer games, graphics utilities and music software.

The combination of my graphic design and computer skills lead me away from conventional print into 'new media' and videographic design in the late '80s.

Since then, I have produced many CD-ROM and on-line projects for Apple Computer, Canon, The Daily Telegraph, EFI, Microsoft, Sony, VideoLogic and other leading companies in the UK and Worldwide.

Today, CD-ROM-based multimedia has mostly given way to Web delivery and almost all my work is as a Web design consultant either with direct clients or in partnership with other design and advertising agencies.

And just for fun, I design fonts. Digg Technorati Blinklist Furl reddit Design Float