WPDFD Issue #11 - February 01, 1999

Last month, I discussed how to get the best out of JPEG files, and the month before that, GIF files. But simply producing small files is not the only thing you can do. HTML forces you to consider its limitations when designing web pages, but with graphic files, the tendency is to draw first, optimise later. Why not design your site to have small graphic files in the first place? This month, I'm going to discuss how to design Web pages to take advantage of the strengths and weaknesses of GIF and JPEG files, rather than making compromises when optimising the graphics.

As wonderful as Adobe Photoshop might be in most respects, text handling has never been a strong point. The latest 5.02 revision has sorted out the dreadful kerning and anti-aliasing that was introduced with Photoshop 5 as a result of the implementation of editable text layers. I have always had to resort to Illustrator to get any kind of typographical finesse - setting the type in Illustrator and dragging and dropping into Photoshop.