WPDFD Issue #14 - May 01, 1999

<BODY> Language

by Joe Gillespie Whether we are aware of it or not, when we speak to someone else there is a lot of communication taking place other than the words being spoken. Facial expressions, hand gestures and intonations of the voice all colour the message, adding emphasis to certain ideas or showing that we are dismissive of others. Even the subtlest movement of the face can make the difference between a phrase being deadly serious or a whimsical joke.

BoxTop ImageVise 2.0

You will be aware that the best way to reduce the size of a GIF file is to save it with less colours. The GIF file format is often referred to as 'lossless' as its compression technique doesn't distort an image as a JPEG does, but this is not strictly true as removing colours from an image to obtain a smaller file size is most definitely introducing a degree of loss. The trick here is to remove colours without anybody noticing that they are missing, and that's what BoxTop Software's ImageVise is all about.

What's New

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