WPDFD Issue #16 - July 01, 1999

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In the last two editorials, I discussed the personality of a Web page and how that personality can be made even more powerful through clarity, conviction and consistency. Many designers already do all these things instinctively. If they have worked in the design industry for a while, certain sets of rules are adopted or developed that mean that even on a bad day, their work will be of a high professional standard.

AutoF/X AutoEye

There are many low-end scanners and digital cameras on the market now that allow people to capture images to put on Web pages. Their resolution is limited, but that doesn't matter too much, the end result is only going to be displayed at 72 pixels per inch. But, apart from compromising on the resolution, these 'affordable' solutions are also somewhat lacking in colour accuracy. Very few of them give any kind of calibration facilities and the results can be washed out or lacking in contrast.