WPDFD Issue #27 - June 01, 2000

Web typography

by Joe Gillespie A good background image or pattern is an economical way to give a Web page visual interest. When I say economical, I mean it in two ways - it is quick and easy to produce, and it requires very little bandwidth to deliver the page. Take an interesting background, add a little text tastefully and you are probably ninety percent of the way there. But before I start discussing background images, a little 'background on backgrounds' is in order!

One of the first things that needs to be considered is the page size that we are going to work on. On paper, we work to A4 or Tabloid or 48 Sheet poster format knowing that the size is going to stay constant. Not so with a web page! We do know that a web page will be within certain height and width limits. The smallest it is likely to be is governed by the standard monitor size of 640 by 480 pixels.

What's New

Flash Streaming Audio I've just been playing with Flash for MP3 delivery and I'm very impressed. This is a site I've just done for the band I'm in - The Wandle Delta Blues Band. WPDFD Newsletter If you would like to be notified of what's new on Web Page Design for Designers through a brief, monthly email, just send a blank email to WPDFD-L-subscribe@topica.com   - no subject or message is necessary but you must send the email from the account to which you want your newsletter sent.


Swish is a little program written by David Michie in Australia that generates text effects in Flash .swf format. If you tried to produce these effects with the Flash application itself, you could - eventually. But the amount of work you would have to do to, say, simulate an exploding word and calculate the effect of gravity and spin factors on each letter, would be formidable, to say the least.