WPDFD Issue #30 - September 01, 2000

Graphics and Color

The greatest annoyance when accessing web pages is the long wait for graphic to download and display. If you consider that it takes about 1000 bytes (1K) of data to fill a screen with plain text but this little icon takes nearly 9K, you will start to understand the predicament. Indiscriminate use of graphics, no matter how cool, will only antagonise the reader to the point that they will switch off the automatic graphics download in their browser - and all the designer's efforts will be wasted.

I was visiting a hosting company the other day and was being given 'the grand tour'. They had wall-to-wall servers, massive black things with lights flashing all over them, and that deep, pervasive smell that you get from electronic equipment in confined spaces. Then I was shown into to the 'Web design department'. It seems that part of their remit as a hosting company is to offer 'Web design' to their customers.

Adobe GoLive 5

I've always liked GoLive. It has a very 'designer friendly' feel to it but from its early roots in GoLive CyberStudio, it has had some serious shortcomings. It has always been tediously slow at redrawing the screen. Switching from layout to source or preview modes has kept the user waiting for an unreasonable amount of time due to its inefficient coding. Even after Adobe took it over, it had many quirks.