WPDFD Issue #31 - October 01, 2000

Do you remember making lino cuts? At school and later at art college, I was frustrated by the relative crudity of the medium and can't say I ever did anything with which I was remotely happy. At the time, I was fighting the technique rather than working with it and my first encounters with web pages were much the same. All I had learned about typography and page layout over the years, all the finesse of letterforms, kerning and letter spacing was treated with a smack in the face.

Logo Design Workshop

For Web designers, the time always comes when you are asked to design a logo. Now, you might well be a seasoned graphic designer with years of logo designs under your belt or, you might think that it is just a matter of finding a typeface and tapping the words out on a keyboard and applying a Photoshop filter. Either way, you can improve your logos if you follow a few tried and trusted guidelines.

If you are one of those people who hate having to open up their mouse and de-gunk the roller wheels and mouse ball, you will love an optical mouse. No moving parts to go wrong and works on just about any surface. The two mice I have chosen for review could not be more different. Yes, they both work on a similar optical principle and all the benefits that that brings, but one is from Microsoft and one is from Apple and they differ significantly in philosophy.

Apple Pro Mouse

Chalk and cheese! If you have been subjected to the dreadful round hockey-puck mouse that was introduced with the iMac and supplied with newer desktop models as well, the new Apple Pro Mouse is a breath of fresh ... cheese. It fits the hand much better and the orientation is unambiguous. There is no visible mouse button, the whole, clear, top of the mouse is one big button making RSI in the button finger much less likely.