WPDFD Issue #32/logo_design_workshop_2/issues/31 - November 01, 2000

Web Design Mailing Lists

The amount of knowledge that you need to produce a good Web site can seem daunting. Even when you have gleaned the basics, the world of Web design is moving at such a great pace, you have to be running just to stand still. There are new technologies and new software programs coming out every day, a lot of them fall by the wayside admittedly, but you have to, at least, know what they are and what they do.

Logo Design Workshop - 2

The process of creating a good logo takes a fair amount of skill and awareness of visual communication. Remember that what communicates quality and solidity to you might garner a different reaction from other people who have a closer, or more distant, relationship with the company. It is essential that you don't keep your head in the sand when designing logos, get other people's opinions and reactions - communication is a two-way thing.

What's New

Optimising your monitor for Web design You don't have to use a Mac to get accurate colour on your Web pages, in fact a Mac set up for print work is not really suitable for Web design at all. Properly adjusted, any computer and monitor can be used for Web design and this new article will tell you how. Mega List Got a Web design related link that you want to share with other WPDFD readers?

Hot New Products

News of the latest new products for Web designers - with a particular emphasis on Web graphics - as usual!. Adobe Photoshop 6.0 The latest version of this graphics classic has significantly improved type handling along with a host of new text effects, new hierarchical layer management and tighter integration with the bundled ImageReady 3. A must-have upgrade. VisiBone Check out Bob Stein's amazing Web-safe palette mouse mats, not only indispensable for Web designers but things of beauty too - I have two myself.