WPDFD Issue #34 - January 01, 2001

Hot New Products

News of the latest new products for Web designers - with a particular emphasis on Web graphics - as usual!. Style Master 1.9 Style Master 1.9 is not just a repurposed text editor. It's built from the ground up as a specialized style sheets IDE (integrated development environment), featuring everything you need to develop, test and deploy sophisticated style sheets. OmniUpdate OmniUpdate lets you change and update the content of your web site online, from any computer.

2001: A Space Odyssey

It was a great movie. Now we have it for real! '2001: A Space Odyssey', apart from being a rare visual treat was one of the very few sci-fi films where the conventions of 'floor' and 'down' was dispensed with, and quite rightly so, there is no 'down' in space, it's just cheaper to make movies that way. Even as far back as 1968, the onboard computer 'HAL' had a voice-driven interface, but the screen display was still command-line.


Have you ever gone into your bedroom, moved your pillow to the bottom of the bed and slept upside down - just for a change? If you sleep alone, it's no big problem, but if you share your bed, you are likely to meet an element of resistance... like... "Oh, don't be sooo stupid!" Well, it's not stupid, it's just different, and there is nothing wrong with being different. In fact, it could be argued that it is easier to move the pillow than to turn the mattress!


Macromedia Dreamweaver 4 Dreamweaver has already bitten off a large chunk of the Web page editor market and according to Macromedia, is used by something like three out of four Web designers. It's not difficult to see why, it makes the production of Web pages, and even the most complex sites, relatively straightforward. It combines WYSIWYG layout features with the ability to hand code where it really matters - but it has had a few problems.

2001: A Space Odyssey featured black space, lots of it. White space is a typographic term for parts of a page that are empty - deliberately. The empty space on a page is as important as the type and graphics. It can be used to improve readability, to create priority and to give the impression of luxuriousness. On a Web page, space doesn't have to be white, it's blue on this page for instance, but it is there.