Top Tip - White space exploration

by Joe Gillespie — Jan 1, 2001

2001: A Space Odyssey featured black space, lots of it. White space is a typographic term for parts of a page that are empty - deliberately. The empty space on a page is as important as the type and graphics. It can be used to improve readability, to create priority and to give the impression of luxuriousness.

On a Web page, space doesn't have to be white, it's blue on this page for instance, but it is there. Unlike paper pages, space on a Web page is flexible, completely cost free and has little or no bandwidth overheads.

A page completely full of type and graphics is like a store window crammed with products and price tickets. Every item is competing to draw your attention. If it were a roomful of people shouting to attract your attention, it would be a helluva din!

So, grab a little space, get some elbow room. See how nothing at all can improve your Web pages immensely.

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