New Masters of Flash

by Joe Gillespie — Feb 1, 2001

New Masters of Flash

Take 19 top-notch Flash designers and ask them to write about their favourite Flash projects, pass on their personal experiences regarding inspiration and design objectives and bundle the whole lot up in a big, glossy book together with all the files and source code on a CD-ROM, plus a lot more, and you have the essence of New Masters of Flash.

Where other books may simply print screen shots of stunning Flash sites, this one goes a lot further and tells you why and how, with loads of examples of scripting and timeline illustrations.

This book is very much geared towards Flash 5 and ActionScript but it also explains how to optimise Flash assets for use in Director, using ActionScript for advanced sound control and how to extend Flash 5 into the realm of 3D modelling using Swift3D.

If you want to advance your Flash knowledge and abilities in one quantum leap, this is the book for you. It’s not cheap, but then information of this quality rarely is.

New Masters of Flash
Publisher Friends of Ed
Publisher O'Reilly & Associates
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