WPDFD Issue #38 - May 01, 2001

Mega List

Hot New Products News of the latest new products for Web designers - with a particular emphasis on Web graphics - as usual!. Photogenics 5.0 A full-featured graphics package for Windows, Linux and Amiga users for a very reasonable $99. It offers extremely realistic and easy to use media such as pencils, chalk and watercolors. BBEdit 6.1 The top Mac text editor has been updated to give native MacOSX support and other improvements including enhanced FTP features.

Red, Green and Blue can combine to give six colors plus black and white. The infamous VGA palette still inflicts itself on many PCs today. Early color-capable computers were restricted in the number of colours they could use. Before color Mac IIs came along in the mid '80s, most computers could only display 16 colors at one time. Memory chips were very expensive in those days and more colors needed more memory and faster processors to shift the extra data.

Adobe Photoshop Elements

Adobe Photoshop is the foremost image editing program available. I've been using it since version 1.0 and would find it very difficult to move to another program - even if there was such a thing. Since version 1.0, it has grown enormously making more and more demands on processor speed and memory requirement - but it has also become very complicated, especially for the novice or casual user, and it is also quite expensive.

Type Layer Tricks

When you are making GIFs for buttons or navigational items, sometimes you want a font that is a little bolder than any you have available, or you would like a drop shadow to make the type stand out against a mid-tone or busy background. This is easily achieved using layers of the same text and just shifting the topmost layer by one pixel or so. This is the bold version my new MiniVista pixel font, but I would like it extra bold.