WPDFD Issue #39 - June 01, 2001

What's New

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Flash 5 Studio

A previous review of Foundation Flash 5 from the same publisher, Friends of Ed, showed how writing a book from a designer's point of view made it a lot easier to get to grips with the fairly complex program that Macromedia Flash 5 is. Following on from Foundation Flash 5 comes Flash 5 Studio in the same vein, but going a lot deeper into the subject. Flash 5 Studio covers a helluva lot of ground!

Screen Resolution Grid

Here is a template that you can download and shows approximate 'safe areas' for the most popular screen resolutions. In most cases, only the width is significant but it is useful to know what fits into a browser window's height too.

Hot New Products

News of the latest new products for Web designers - with a particular emphasis on Web graphics - as usual!. Westciv CSS Guide Over the last three years, Westciv's CSS Guide has helped millions of developers get up to speed with the important Cascading Style Sheets standard. With this third major revision, the guide now covers all of CSS2 in detail. VSE MyPrivacy 1.5 Store your passwords for e-mail, web sites, ftp, software serial numbers and more on your computer without fear.

by Joe Gillespie Windows browsers fill the screen (maximise) by default. Mac users generally surf with narrower browser windows that more closely follow printed page sizes. There is something very reassuring about a page. A printed page that is. Whether it is a page from a book or magazine or a single sheet of paper with a menu of pizzas, it has a definite, fixed size. If you want to say 'Deliveries free within a three mile radius' in five point type and half an inch from the bottom of the page, you can - no problem.