WPDFD Issue #41 - August 01, 2001

Layouts - Why bother?

by Joe Gillespie The last two editorials covered some of the more practical considerations of Web page layouts - static vs. liquid layouts, tables vs. CSS-P. This time, I'll ignore the "how" and concentrate on the "why". How important is "layout" anyway? Does it really matter? Some people will tell you that it doesn't really matter what a page looks like as long as the information is presented in a logical manner.

GoLive in 24 Hours

I must admit, I'm not a manual reader. I tend to roll up my sleeves and dive into a new program head first. Luckily, most programs are based on earlier ones and, apart from a few oddities, I can tell how a program works by just looking at the interface. Adobe GoLive is, on the whole, a natural progression from earlier WYSIWYG Web page editors like Adobe Pagemill and Claris HomePage and its manual is in a pristine, virtually untouched condition on my bookshelf.

GIF/JPEG combos.

JPEGs are the best format for photographic images and type is better delivered as GIFs, but what happens if you need to have type within a photograph? You either have to use an inappropriate GIF for the photographic image to get the text looking good or compromise the quality of the text by using a JPEG. Here are two ways to combine GIFs and JPEGs to get the best of both worlds. In this JPEG image with type (5.5k), the lettering causes nasty artifacts to appear because JPEGs just can't handle that kind of contrasty situation even at relatively low compression levels.

What's New

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Hot New Products

News of the latest new products for Web designers - with a particular emphasis on Web graphics - as usual!. Magic Flare Magic Flare is a Windows application that creates Flash text effects in seconds. Magic Flare comes equipped with 101 effects! Use these effects on your web site, add a link, modify the colors, text, size and make an impressive banner or an introductory page! TypeStyler 3.7 A full-featured Mac-based lettering studio that will set your headlines, distort your type, add special effects, animation, banner ads and rollovers.