Z- Write (MacOS and OSX)

by Joe Gillespie — Sep 1, 2001

Where MS Word more or less forces you to write in a linear fashion (I find its outliner feature virtually useless) I have never written in that way.

Z-Write is a "non-linear" word processor, not strictly an outliner, but allows the writer to throw unrelated ideas into a melting pot and then rearranging them into a more coherent document later.

I find that building a skeleton first and then going back and fleshing it out helps the logical structure of my documents making it easier to keep a train of thought and ensuring that I don't miss any salient points.

In use, Z-Write looks a little like an Acrobat document with its left hand column of "bookmarks" and larger right hand "content" column which can hold as much or as little as you like. By simply rearranging the bookmarks, you reorder the entire document.

For creative writing, its simplicity and lack of distracting features is a strength rather than a weakness.

Z-Write 1.2.1
Features red bar95%
Ease of Use yellow bar95%
Value for Money green bar90%
'Must Have' Factor blue bar95%
Manufacturer Stonetable Software
Price $20 US
Summary Proof that less is more!
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