WPDFD Issue #44 - November 01, 2001

Little Suzie wanted to play the guitar so her kind parents, who knew absolutely nothing about music, took her to the music store. Hanging on the wall, there was a vast selection of different guitars ranging from the very cheap up to ones costing really silly prices. As none of the family played, they chose a guitar that looked nice - and didn't cost very much. The guy in the store played a few chords on it for them and yes, it worked, and to clinch the deal, he threw in a strap, plectrum and a copy of "Teach Yourself Guitar in 10 Easy Lessons." A couple of months later, Suzie hadn't made a lot of progress.

Swift3D 2.0

When Swift3D came out about a year ago, it was the only program that could create 3D objects and export them as Flash movies. It was better than nothing, but only just! Rendering was very slow and many basic facilities just weren't there. In fact, Electric Rain had completely forgotten to include the very most basic 3D primitive object, a cube. Although you could extrude type, it had to be in TrueType format, it couldn't handle Type 1 PostScript fonts, which disqualified most of my collection.

Web Page Color Scheming

Here are the two basic layers, one is the paper and one the colors you are trying out. The paper layer has all the elements as transparent holes. The color layer has just rough slabs of color. Manipulating the colors in-behind the page mask is quick and easy. This is the system I use to work out color schemes for Web pages or logos. I use Photoshop, but the same principle will work in any graphics editor that supports layers and alpha channels.