Happy New Year.

by Joe Gillespie — Jan 1, 2002

With each new year we see old Web design problems diminish and new ones take their place. The restraints of the Web-safe palette have all but disappeared, fonts size discrepancies are much less common and browsers are generally more consistent and compatible than they used to be. The bad news is that there are now more Web browsers to support and more low-capability devices. What does your site look like on a 160 x 160 pixel PDA, a 320 x 240 pixel PocketPC screen or a Web-enabled microwave oven? You might not care too much at the minute but you will be expected to accomodate a wider range of screen sizes in your designs on an ever increasing basis. More about this soon!

In one way or another, I have been involved with photography for most of my life. I started developing and printing my own photographs even before I got into my teens. At art collge, photography played a large part of the graphic design courses I took and later, as an art director, I was fortunate enought to work with some of the most prominent photographers in the UK.

Before digital cameras appeared, I frequently had the need to get photographs into multimedia projects. For quick 'n' dirty shots, I used a rostrum video camera - a pro quality camera on a lighting stand and fed into the computer via a very expensive video capture card. When higher image quality was required, I shot 35mm and had the slides made into Kodak PhotoCDs. This is still a good solution if you don't have your own film scanner and aren't in too much of a hurry.

Digital cameras have increased in quality and decreased in cost over the past few years. The first models were just expensive gimmicks but now they provide viable alternatives to traditional film cameras and, teamed up with a suitable printer, can produce excellent results.

The subject of this month's editorial is photography and the process of getting photographs onto Web pages - right from the initial 'click' to the final JPEG.


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