WPDFD Issue #47 - February 01, 2002

Hot New Products

News of the latest new products for Web designers - with a particular emphasis on Web graphics - as usual. WebMerge 1.9.2 Generates static Web pages from a variety of popular database programs including FileMakerPro, Microsoft Access, Panorama, AppleWorks and even Excel. Mac and PC. iCab 2.7.1 Small, slick, fast and very capable browser for Mac OS9 and OSX. Xara WebStyle 2.1 Template-based Web graphics program.

Some time ago, I did a comparative review of the (then) current online validation services. Things have changed considerably since that time. W3C Validator http://validator.w3.org/ I've already mentioned this above. This is THE validator because it is run by the people who make the rules. Whichever other validator you might want to try, use this one first to check your HTML and CSS. That is all it does, it won't tell you if your page size is wrong or if your images are too big or if the type is too small.

Neither of these leading WYSIWYG editors currently add a DOCTYPE declaration to your pages automatically. Text editors like HomeSite and BBEdit do. Here's how you can add them with minimal fuss. Dreamweaver has a default page that opens when you do "New". You can find it in the Dreamweaver Configuration folder inside "Templates" – it's called "Default.html".

What's New

WPDFD Forum Your comments, news and pleas for help are welcome at the new Web Page Design for Designers Forum. Web Design Links Got a Web design related link that you want to share with other WPDFD readers? This is surely the most comprehensive list of Web design links anywhere - nearly 2000 categorised links, updated each month. WPDFD Newsletter Sign-up to be notified of what's new on web page design for designers through a brief, monthly email.

So, you have time on your hands but not much money and decide to build your own house. There was a time when everybody did this. You know what rooms you need - hall, living room, dining room, kitchen, bathroom, a few bedrooms. If you need more, you can add them on later. You've been in lots of other houses so you have a pretty good idea how they work. It's not too difficult to sketch a layout for your new house on a piece of paper and take it from there.