by Joe Gillespie — Mar 1, 2002

To tell if something is well designed or not, you have to first identify its purpose and then decide if it satisfies that purpose. A Web page is no exception.

A Web page is a vehicle for communication. The communication could be in the form of 'information' - as you would normally get from a reference book. With the benefits of hyperlinking and the sheer volume of information available, it is ideally suited to this task.

But, you also have to consider that all communication is not just information. A novel is not, neither is a painting nor a piece of music. These communicate at a more emotive level.

Certainly, when it comes to marketing on the Web, communication has to be informative AND emotive. Very often the information part is textual but the emotive part is not.

Before we start to consider anything else, the purpose of the communication has to be established - "I am making this statement because ... "

Supply your own reason.

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