WPDFD Issue #51 - June 01, 2002

What's New

Web Design Links Got a Web design related link that you want to share with other WPDFD readers? This is surely the most comprehensive list of Web design links anywhere - over 2000 categorised links, updated each month. WPDFD Newsletter Sign-up to be notified of what's new on Web Page Design for Designers through a brief, monthly email.   WPDFD Forum Unfortunately, the message-board software is seriously broken and I've had to take it off-line until I get it fixed.

Hot New Products

News of the latest new products for Web designers - with a particular emphasis on Web graphics - as usual. Web Design 1.5.3 Powerful HTML editor at a very affordable price - for Mac users only. Trellian WebPage Free editor for designing web pages without having to learn complex scripting languages. Windows only. Tiles New tileable pattern fonts for making Web page backgrounds.

by John Allsopp In the early 1990s, Geoffrey Moore brought together some thinking about markets and the adoption of new ideas that had been kicking around for a long time and published 'Crossing the Chasm' - now a classic of high technology marketing. In it, Moore analyses how new technologies are adopted. While debatable, his reasoning is definitely plausible and interesting. What has this to do with Cascading Style Sheets?

The PNG alternative

The PNG (Portable Network Graphics) file format has not been as ubiquitous as GIF and JPEG mainly because it is a relative newcomer and support for it in older browsers has been poor. Recent browsers have good PNG support if not 100%. If you haven't explored the possibilities you could be missing out. There are two flavours of PNG, 8-bit and a 24-bit roughly corresponding in usage terms to their GIF and JPEG counterparts but with reservations.

Wacom Cintiq 15x

It's not very often that hardware products are reviewed on WPDFD and this one is not strictly related to Web design but it is very relevant to graphic design. Most people have tried, or at least know the purpose of a graphics tablet. It is a pointing device that does much the same job as a mouse but takes the form of a lightweight pen or stylus. The stylus is moved over a special tablet and its position transferred to the cursor on your screen.


In the previous two issues , I have looked at how style sheets can be used with a high degree of confidence to build efficient and reliable Web pages. Although I can't think of any good reason not to use style sheets, there are certainly different levels of adoption and the way in which you choose to use them depends entirely on your particular layout and your audience profile. This month's article has been written by John Allsopp who, together with his colleague Maxine Sherrin, have produced what is surely the most comprehensive set of tutorials on Cascading Style Sheets ever written - more details below.