by Joe Gillespie — Jun 1, 2002

In the previous two issues, I have looked at how style sheets can be used with a high degree of confidence to build efficient and reliable Web pages. Although I can't think of any good reason not to use style sheets, there are certainly different levels of adoption and the way in which you choose to use them depends entirely on your particular layout and your audience profile.

This month's article has been written by John Allsopp who, together with his colleague Maxine Sherrin, have produced what is surely the most comprehensive set of tutorials on Cascading Style Sheets ever written - more details below.

Regarding CSS adoption in general, John points out to me, "Right now I think that CSS has reached an impasse. Those who use them at all, use them a lot. Those who don't still need to be convinced."

I agree. It's all a bit like learning to swim or to ride a bicycle. Once you have taken that initial plunge and found out what you've been missing, you'll never turn back. Provided you don't try to swim across the Pacific or ride your bike on a tightrope over Niagara Falls right away, you'll be perfectly okay!

Over to you, John.

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