Testing method

by Joe Gillespie — Sep 1, 2002

Each of the twenty pages of the site was viewed in the various browsers three times over a period of one week and then given the following scores. The best possible score is twenty times five (100). Except for minor tweaks and avoiding some known browser bugs as mentioned above, no attempt was made to cater for substandard CSS rendering.

5 – for a perfectly rendered page

4 – near perfect rendering but minor cosmetic glitches

3 – rendered but with elements in the wrong place

2 – broken, but readable

1 – too badly broken to be of any use

As Mozilla 1.x (Mac and PC) and Netscape 7 produced identical results, only one is included.

Mozilla 1.x/Netscape 7 (All)
Features red bar100%
Explorer 5.1.5 (Mac)
Ease of Use yellow bar99%
Explorer 6.0 (Win)
Value for Money green bar98%
Explorer 5.5 (Win)
'Must Have' Factor blue bar97%
Opera 6.05 (Win)
Features red bar89%
iCab Preview 2.8.1 (Mac)
Ease of Use yellow bar50%
Netscape 4.78 (Mac)
Value for Money green bar45%

Note: The scores shown only relate to the pages tested and should not be interpreted as general perfomance.

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