Mozilla CSS Editor (CaScadeS)

by Joe Gillespie — Oct 1, 2002

You won't find this feature in Netscape 7 just yet but you can download a beta version. It's a WYSIWYG CSS editor that works within Composer on Netscape 7 or Mozilla 1.x. It downloads and installs automatically and then shows up in the 'Tools' menu as 'CSS Editor'. It's only at version 0.2.2 so far, but stable enough to use.

Although it is a WYSIWYG editor, at the minute, it still requires you to work in text-editing mode in the Composer HTML Source window. There is no way to insert a box onto the page just yet. You can create an internal or external style sheet and set up all your styles in the editor's tabbed dialog box but you have to add them to the page manually – but it's as simple as this…

<div id="box1">This is box 1 </div>
<div id="box2">This is box 2</div>
<div id="box3">This is box 3</div>

Once you have added the boxes to the HTML source, any further adjustments you make in the editor are updated in real-time in the Composer window, no need to flick between views, as you do with other editors.

What this editor has going for it, apart from it non-price and sheer elegance, it that it will handle the trickiest of CSS positioning with ease – thanks to the Gecko rendering engine – and will put that expensive WYSIWYG editor you are probably using to shame.

Composer window

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