WPDFD Issue #57 - December 01, 2002

Macromedia Contribute

I've been asked many times by clients if there is some way that they can update pages on the sites I've designed for them. What they want to do is open their page in their browser, change a few words or prices, and resave the modifications. At most, they might want to add a new product. Well, sure there are ways to do something like that but they are not foolproof enough for people who are barely computer literate and find Microsoft Office enough of a challenge.

Meta tags

Meta data on a Web page is invisible to the surfer, it doesn't actually show on the screen but lurks in the dark corners where only the creepy crawlers go. Crawlers (or robots) are programs used by search engines to index sites on the web. They roam freely and when they coma a-knocking at your door, they read the meta tags as well as the text on you page and when somebody enters keywords in a search engine to find relevant information, that's how it is found.