Happy New Year!

by Joe Gillespie — Jan 1, 2003

First of all, a big thank you to everybody who entered the WPDFD Holiday Competition and especially those who passed on suggestions for new articles. Most people want to read more about Cascading Style Sheets and so I'm kicking off the new year with an article about combining CSS and JavaScript.

I am, of course, happy to receive suggestions at any time but please keep in mind that the focus of this site is on graphic design and creativity, so topics like databases, PHP and site management really belong somewhere else.

The prize winners and correct answers for the competition can be found appended to last month's editorial.

About one sixth of the entries were correct. The winners in each prize category were drawn at random from the correct entries. So, congratulations to the winners, I hope they can put their respective prizes to good use and, of course, thanks to the companies who kindly donated the prizes.

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