WPDFD Issue #6 - September 01, 1998

Web Site Garage

I find this site nothing short of amazing! I usually review software products in this slot but this time I'm going to look at an on-line diagnostic service, Web Site Garage . I often tell Web designers that they must have a Mac and a PC and a whole mess of browsers to check their pages in but Web Site Garage claims to give your Web page a 'tune-up' without all this hassle and expense. All you have to do is enter the URL you want to check and off it goes, examines the page, and in a few seconds comes back with a report.

THERE IS AN attitude on the Web that everything is free for the taking. This probably stems from the long-accepted perception of the Internet as a community where open sharing of resources has been the accepted norm. As the Web becomes increasingly cut-throat commercial, this attitude is gaining latitude. Some of the on-line "lifting" is not malicious, but simple ignorance. For example, many of the new consumers on-line simply don't understand what the term "shareware" means, so they inadvertently pirate what is intended for sale.