Feature: Graphics Fundamentals

by Joe Gillespie — May 1, 2003

Last month I demonstrated how I could convert the editorial page into a CSS-only layout and in doing so, used a variation of the usual WPDFD house-style.

I had lots of comments, and thanks to all who took the trouble to write, but the consensus was pretty much half and half with no overwhelming preference one way or the other. Some asked why I was changing at all and others thought the new look was a positive step forward.

Well, as you can see, I have taken the casting vote in favor of the new style even though I'm probably making a rod for my own back. The only minor criticism of the new design was that it became totally unreadable in older browsers like Netscape 4.x. I didn't think any WPDFD readers still used Netscape 4.x, but obviously some still do. Rather than exclude them altogether, I've arranged for the stylesheet to be disabled for Netscape 4.x using the '@import' trick which also brought an unexpected side benefit.

The 'browser links' section received great acclaim, so that will now be a regular feature. Links to the latest versions of all the main browsers will also have an indication of which have been updated since the previous month so you will know if you are up to date.

This month, we are back to my pet subject, graphic design, but from a slightly different perspective than usual. Here are some things that they don't generally teach you at art college.

Browser Links

The download pages for all the current versions* updated since last month

Microsoft InterNet Explorer

6.sp1 (Win), 5.1.2 (Mac), 5.2.2 (OSX)


7.02 (All)


1.3 (All) 1.4 Alpha*


7.10 (Win)*, 6.0 (Mac)


v73 (OSX) Beta 2*


0.7 (Gecko-based browser for OSX)


2.9.1 (Mac and OSX)


4.2 (OSX)*


Apple's new Safari browser continues to impress. Public Beta 2 features tabbed browsing, autofill forms & passwords, privacy 'reset, import of Netscape and Mozilla bookmarks, increased standards compatibility, improved AppleScript support, and localized language support for English, Japanese, French and German.

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