WPDFD Issue #65 - August 01, 2003

What's New

Macromedia Contribute 2 Previously reviewed on WPDFD, Macromedia Contribute 2 improves web content contribution with better security, a shopping cart wizard, Flash Paper support (Windows 2000 and XP only) and a Mac OSX version that automatically connects to .mac accounts. Westciv Style Master 3 Special 20% off offer for WPDFD readers! Style Master 3 CSS editor for Windows has now been joined by Style Master 3 for OS X.


by Joe Gillespie Like myself, many designers who have been working with print for years have turned their attention to the Web. It's not so much that print has died, there is just as much of it as ever, but the Web is seen as a new direction and a fresh challenge. Well, truth be told, it usually goes more like this:- Client: "Can you do me a Web site?" Designer: "Yes, of course!" Then they get Quark XPress to repurpose an existing design as a Web site or delve into Photoshop and slice a scanned-in brochure into a mosaic of GIFs and JPEGs.

HomeSite and BBEdit

I've never tried to cut a wooden log in two with a penknife, though I'm sure it can be done. People will tell you that you can build a Web page with a simple text editor and I know that's possible too, but life is just too short. There are better tools for the job. Macromedia HomeSite and BBEdit are the two leading text editors for Web page building. They fulfil very similar functions yet they are not really competitors because HomeSite is only available on Windows and BBEdit on Mac.


Netscape Browser Yet another one bites the dust. Since my article about the demise of Internet Explorer for Mac last month, this month's victim is even more significant – Netscape is no more! AOL Time Warner has signed a new deal with Microsoft to continue using IE as the official AOL browser and the plug has been pulled on its own browser, Netscape. The development team has been laid off.