WPDFD Issue #66 - September 01, 2003


Acronyms! Love them or hate them, the Web design business is awash with them and very often they are used without even knowing DTD, XML, XHTML, SHML and many more. Although these abbreviations are marginally easier to remember than the words they represent, I still find it difficult to type SMTP instead of STMP without saying 'Simple Mail Transport Protocol' out loud and punching the keyboard at the start of each word.


Most good Web page editors have facilities to upload files to the server built-in but good, dedicated FTP programs give more power and versatility. Although I normally use Interarchy on a Mac for FTP work, I've also been using GlobalSCAPE's popular CuteFTP on my PC for several years now. It is easy to use, does everything I need and is very reasonably priced. CuteFTP has a window with two main panes showing the local directory (on the PC) and the remote directory (on the server) and files can be copied in either direction by simply dragging and dropping from one pane to the other.

If you are starting off a new XHTML page instead of converting an old HTML page, then your WYSIWYG editor should be able to insert the correct lower case tags and handle all the differences between HTML and XHTML automatically. All you have to do is tell it that you want to work in XHTML from the outset. Here's how to set-up the two leading WYSIWYG editors to handle XHTML. If you use something else, you will probably find similar facilities.