WPDFD Issue #7 - October 01, 1998


INTERFACE by Joe Gillespie Whoa, man! You have never seen such a car in your life! Low. Sleek. Absolutely stunning. You can't find a door, but it is so low to the ground that you can easily climb in through the opening in the roof. The long, soft, bucket seat moulds to your body like a glove. Your feet fall naturally onto two pedals on the floor below. There is no steering wheel or any sign of the usual controls that clutter a car's dashboard, but just at your fingertips are a set of flat, tactile pads.

Design Perspectives

Almost every area of art and design has some kind of technological dimension. At it's most basic, you have to be aware of what happens when you mix paints and apply them to paper or canvas. Further along the scale, you have things like printmaking, ceramics and sculpture when a significant degree of technical skill is essential to master the techniques. In graphic design, you need a good knowledge of print technology and when you get to architecture and automotive design, the technology becomes inextricably entwined with the creative process.