WPDFD Issue #72 - March 01, 2004

This is a collection of drag and drop CSS boxes for use with Adobe GoLive. With these building blocks, you can build various types of fixed and fluid layouts quickly and easily. Download CSSBoxes.sit.hqx for Mac Download CSSBoxes.zip for Windows Installation Copy the CSSBoxes folder into the Extends Scripts folder in the GoLive Modules folder. When you launch GoLive, a new icon will appear in the 'Objects' palette.

In 'CSS from the Ground up' this month, I'm going to cover some further basics before going on to the trickier stuff. First, a little more about text formatting and an introduction to the fundamentals of typography. It is important to understand that text has to be controlled, even in this environment where nothing is fixed down. Then, we take a look at lists – a mechanism used for presenting ideas as bite-sized chunks of text.

QuicKeys X2

CE Software's QuicKeys has been around for some time, I've been using it for quite a few years with Mac OS 9.x and now I've upgraded to the X2 version for OSX. It is one of those utilities I just couldn't live without. What is it? Well, if you don't know already, it allows you to program keystrokes on your keyboard to do all kinds of things. At its simplest, I use it to launch programs. I use the Control key plus the first letter of the program name - Control-p opens Photoshop, Control-w opens Word.

You may have noticed that some sites, including this one, put custom icons into the URL boxes of browsers. It used to be that you could only add 'favicons' in Explorer but now most browsers support them and it's worth the little extra trouble that it takes to do it. You will need a program that can save .ico file format. This is the standard icon format for Windows so any Windows icon editor will do, and there are many freeware and shareware ones available.