CSS From the Ground Up - 2 - a very good place to start!

by Joe Gillespie — Mar 1, 2004

In 'CSS from the Ground up' this month, I'm going to cover some further basics before going on to the trickier stuff.

First, a little more about text formatting and an introduction to the fundamentals of typography. It is important to understand that text has to be controlled, even in this environment where nothing is fixed down.

Then, we take a look at lists – a mechanism used for presenting ideas as bite-sized chunks of text. The purpose might just be to separate thoughts into a list of items but it could also be to put them in a particular order. HTML provides support for lists but CSS can make them work even harder.

The major advantage of Web pages over printed pages is undoubtedly the ability to click on links to be taken off to other relevant information. Again HTML provides the underlying functionality but CSS gives the designer more control over how links are presented to the user.

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