by Joe Gillespie — Jun 1, 2004

Another Windows screen grabbing solution that captures scrolling (Web) pages. In addition to the usual rectangular grabs that all the other programs do, it can also do non-rectangular shaped grabs.

Like SnagIt, HyperSnap can also capture images from PC games that use DirectX™ (and also Glide™) technologies.

There is an image editing program here too for quickly touching-up or manipulating the captures but most Web designers will probably prefer to use their favorite graphics editor, this one is aimed more at the 'occasional' user who won't have the more heavy duty programs. Nevertheless, it is very competent and amazing value for the money.

HyperSnap-DX doesn't do movie captures, like some of the other programs, but has a sister product, HyperCam, which handles that function if you need it.

Features red bar90%
Ease of Use yellow bar85%
Value for Money green bar85%
'Must Have' Factor blue bar90%
Manufacturer Hyperionics
Price $35 (Windows)
Summary Good image capture solution for Web designers.
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