by Joe Gillespie — Jun 1, 2004

SnagIt is hard to beat. Not only will it capture the screen, windows, objects and selected regions – rectangular or irregular – it can capture the contents of scrolling windows(such as an entire web page) and it can capture editable text as well as images. So you can 'snag' both images and blocks of text off Web pages or anything else on your computer screen.

The captured images can be sent to the clipboard to be opened in other programs, saved as files or sent directly to an email program.

It goes beyond that too. SnagIt has a built-in image editor, can make movies of screen activity, very useful if you are doing training or demonstrating software.

Now, some of these features might look as if they are there to boost the 'feature count' but ignoring a few more esoteric features, the majority of them are really useful and exceptionally good value.

Features red bar90%
Ease of Use yellow bar85%
Value for Money green bar90%
'Must Have' Factor blue bar90%
Manufacturer TechSmith
Price Price - $39.95 (Windows)
Summary Indispensible piece of software. Digg Technorati Blinklist Furl reddit Design Float