by Joe Gillespie — Jun 1, 2004

Not a screen grabber in the usual sense, more a dedicated Web page grabber and it will capture entire Web pages including the hidden areas off-screen. SnapWeb uses WebKit, so the captures are the same as taking a screen grab from Safari, which is fine if you are only concerned with how a page looks in Safari and not in other browsers. I find that a bit of a limitation myself but if you want a whole page capture and you use OSX, this is the only easy answer that I know of at the minute.

If you think of SnapWeb as being a special browser that can save the page as an image, that's what it is. Nothing more, nothing less.

At $34.90 for a 'professional' licence allowing unlimited use, it seems a little overpriced compared with the more generous feature sets other solutions have to offer.

Features red bar80%
Ease of Use yellow bar90%
Value for Money green bar90%
'Must Have' Factor blue bar85%
Manufacturer Braintickling Software
Price $34.90 (Mac OSX)
Summary The only way to grab an entire page in OSX at present.

So, Windows users have two very good options for screen grabbing with SnagIt and HyperSnap-DX. There isn't a lot to choose between them and it comes down to your own needs in the end. Both offer a wealth of features and include image editing programs that could be used for other purposes.

Mac users have decent screen grabbing facilities built into the operating system, which are probably sufficient most of the time without having to buy anything else. Of the third party solutions, none are as comprehensive as their Windows counterparts in terms of features but beyond the common ground of Web design, they are quite different markets. Digg Technorati Blinklist Furl reddit Design Float