by Joe Gillespie — Jun 1, 2004

SnapzPro X 1.0 is the premier screen grabbing utility for Mac (OS9 and OSX) and gives all the most-used options for grabbing windows, objects and selections. Unlike SnagIt and HyperSnap-DX, it doesn't have a built-in image editor but Mac-based Web designers will already have one and it can save files to most image formats with optional scaling, compression and color depth. Having to go through a built-in image editor can feel like an unnecessary encumbrance if you have Photoshop or Fireworks.

The more expensive X 2.0 version also allows capture of moving images (even DVDs) on the screen which can have sound and voice-overs added to make training videos or product demos. If you don't need this feature, you don't have to pay for it.

Where SnapzPro will capture virtually anything, still or moving, that's on your Mac screen with consumate ease, unfortunately, it can't capture what is NOT on the screen. That essential (for Web designers anyway) ability to grab scrolling pages is not there yet, which is a pity because, otherwise, it is a first class program.

Features red bar80%
Ease of Use yellow bar90%
Value for Money 90%
'Must Have' Factor green bar85%
Manufacturer Ambrosia
Price X1.0 $29.00, X2.0 $69 (Mac OSX and earlier)
Summary Great tool but doesn't grab entire pages yet. Digg Technorati Blinklist Furl reddit Design Float