WPDFD Issue #76 - July 01, 2004

We all get fed up seeing the same old fonts on Web pages but is there anything we can do about it? It all comes down to the fact that some fonts come preinstalled by Windows and Mac OS by default. Of course, it depends on which version of Windows and Mac OS we are talking about because fonts sets change over time and there are still a lot of legacy systems in use out there. The font base also depends on what browsers and programs are also installed because Microsoft Internet Explorer installs some fonts and some applications install fonts that won't be there if the reader doesn't have those programs.

Xara X1

When I first saw Xara several years ago, I was very impressed. It was a fast and easy to use vector drawing program for Windows that put all the bigger, established programs to shame. Not only was the program itself a delight, it came with a comprehensive library of clip art and fonts. Clip art has a tendency to be cheap and cheerful, and looks it, but the Xara clip art was in a class of its own and had a very useful full colour reference book to help find the images.

Setting up your OS X Mac as a local server for testing your Web pages could hardly be easier. Apache comes already installed, all you have to do is go into the Sharing control panel, check Personal Web Sharing and click on the Start button. At the bottom of the window, you will see something like... View this computer's website at or your personal website at<username>/ If you click on either of those links, you should see the default Web pages.