Spread Firefox

by Joe Gillespie — Oct 1, 2004

Mozilla Firefox browser is now reaching its final 1.0 release and is available as a 'preview' version to squeeze out the last few bugs.

Firefox is the younger, slimmer sister of Mozilla aimed at the average surfer. It's light, easy to use, fast and everything that a modern browser should be. There are versions for Windows, Mac OS X and Linux – a truly cross-platform browser.

In common with its big sister, page rendering is handled by 'Gecko' which is arguably the best rendering engine you can get. It will render any (valid) HTML or CSS you throw at it flawlessly.

Unlike IE, you are not stuck with using a particular email program, you can use whatever you like. If you do want a free companion email program that's safe and fast, there's Thunderbird.

Apart from the speed and security, Firefox has its own finely-honed feature set which includes tabbed browsing so that you can open links in the background and save them to read later and an integrated Google Search built into the toolbar.

Troubled with information overload? 'Live bookmarks' is a unique Firefox feature that lets you read RSS (Rich Site Summary) news and blog headlines in the toolbar. I won't explain it all here, read about it on the Firefox site.

On the security front, Firefox blocks annoying pop-up windows and, even better, filters-out the spyware and viruses that plague Internet Explorer users.

But the question is, will people take it seriously?

Well, the developers hoped for a million downloads within the first ten days of its launch to get it established. Little did they know that that figure would be reached within 100 hours and in those ten days, they hit two million!

I'd call that serious.

If you are sick of the problems of IE security, bugs and lack of adherence to modern Web standards, get Firefox. Better still, get involved in the Spread Firefox campaign and help make Firefox the number one browser.

Trust Firefox

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