WPDFD Issue #8 - November 01, 1998

Web Advertising

Web advertising got off to a slow start. It's not so much that the audience wasn't there - the growth of the surfing population has been nothing short of phenomenal. The problem has been partly due to the profile of the surfers, often seen as geeks and technophiles, and partly due to the oh-so-nervous toe-dipping by the advertisers themselves. Now that is all changing fast! In the USA alone, Web advertising expenditure for the first half of this year was nearly $350M - a threefold increase over the same period last year.

The radio says that Godzilla is headed for town, everybody has to get out quick! But there's only one road out of town. And, just out of town there are a couple of roundabouts, so all the traffic has to slow down before it can even reach the highway. The road out of town was built for normal day-to-day traffic, not for a mad, mass exodus like this. Folks, I think we have a bandwidth problem!