WPDFD Issue #81 - December 01, 2004

Yes, the fans of Firefox have certainly been working hard and have managed to persuade some seven and a half million surfers to download it onto their computers. No mean feat! But, with all the hype, how good is it really? Even with seven and a half million downloads, its impact on Explorer's dominance is only a pin prick. Does it stand a chance? Recent browser surveys show that in the last few months, IE has been losing market share to Gecko-based browsers – Mozilla, Firefox and Camino.

For me, the World Wide Web started in 1993. By then, I was already a seasoned 'interactive multimedia' veteran with a client list that included VideoLogic, Apple Computer and Canon. I had been an 'early adopter' when personal computers hit the scene in the early eighties. I was working in new product development, packaging design and advertising during the day and, at evenings, weekends and on the bus to work, I was programming games for Sinclair and Commodore computers.

The last word

I don’t think that there's anything more pleasurable in life than helping someone. From what readers have written and told me, this site has given a great deal of help to a lot of people over the years and a small amount of gratitude was all I needed to keep going. As I mentioned in the introduction, WPDFD is going to remain as an archive of past articles so that it can continue to be a valuable source of information for designers, newbies and anybody else who cares about the craft.